Making the scenic clothing for the show “La Bella Tour”

I really enjoyed making the scenic clothing for the show La Bella Tour because of the challenges it posed.
Vestuario Circo - La Bella Tour
The show is about two clowns who are performing the same show for too long, so it had to be a classic clown clothing.

We decided to play with an enormous costume for Roi Borralas, as if he had become much slimmer with the years, and very tight for Juan Silva, as if he had gained weight.

Regarding the shoes, we thought much about it. First, we considered boxing shoes (for their comfort), but we could not find anything that we would like and that would go with the costumes.
Although the classic clown big shoes were visually the best ones, they were technically discarded because the clowns could not perform a good part of the show on them. So finally we chosed a pair of kung-fu sneakers hidden inside the slippers, which symbolized their tyredness of repating the same show over and over.

Vestuario Circo - La Bella Tour
Another challenge was Roi’s raincoat, because it had to disassemble during a gag in the show where Joanin tried to catch him and stayed with half of the coat in his hand.

Another extravagance was the fact that the sleeves, as well as the rest of his clothing, had to seem big, which made his movements more difficult. To solve this, his jacket had two strips that, when stretched from the back by Juanin, contracted the sleeves.

For Juanin’s jacket and shirt, I made the selvedge and the interior of the sleeves with lycre of the same colour, so he could move comfortably. And the trousers are one of my favourite pieces; I used planks to give them more volume around the legs.

To get an old finish, I used the airbrush to paint the whole clothing.

Juanin and Roi splet up, so if you go to La Bella Tour web page you will see Guillermo Aranzana, who replaced Juanin. He is the one on the pictures of the show.

Vestuario Circo - La Bella Tour Vestuario Circo - La Bella Tour

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