Making the scenic clothing for the show “Cereals Sanchis”

Cereals Sanchis is a theatre show for children where the characters are the superheroes of a cereals box. There are 6 characters in the play.

The scenic cothing was initiated by a person who left the work unfinished, so I had to start from a set of costumes where all characters wore determined coloured lycra tights, which I had to paint in order to give their features to all characters.
Teatro - Cereals Sanchis - Camaleón

    • The chameleon: To simulate the chameleon flakes, I painted geometrical figures on the lycra tights, which referred to old construction wood toys. I used paintwork for textil surfaces and an inkpad.
      The crest, the backpack and the shoulder pads are made of foam. A slip over the tights completes the characterization of the superheroe.

Teatro - Cereals Sanchis - Jirafa

    • The giraffe: I painted on the tights the characteristic patches of the giraffe and I completed the costume with the slips, the dickey and the cape to give a superheroe touch

Teatro - Cereals Sanchis - Mosca

    • The fly: The tights are covered by a furried fabric. The wings have become a tulle skirt. And the eyes are made with two strainers attached to a turban.

Teatro - Cereals Sanchis - Ser Alat

  • The winged being: It is a mystical character, a kind of mithological bird who helps the superheroes. I used an ethereal fabric with a very interesting texture. To make the effect of flying I took out some fabric from the sleeves that she moved. The wig is made of velvety white wool and it is completed by a golden headdress-peak which simulated the beck.
  • I made the costumes of two more characters, a witch and a grandmother, but I do not have any pictures of them.

A long time has passed since, and I have learned a lot after, but I still feel proud of the result I achieved despite of the fact that I did it in August in Valencia, with the added difficulty of the season (most shops were closed on vacation).

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