Who is Piti Demore

I am Piti Demore.

Piti Demore

Piti Demore is my artistic name. I am Isabel Ruiz Sagrado.

I studied FPII Image and Sound at La Marxadella (in Torrente, Valencia) and from there I accessed the Bachellor’s Degree in Arts at the UPV (Valencian Polytechnic University).

But it was thanks to a replacement I did in 2002 for the Cirque du Soleil’s show “Saltimbanco” that I found my true vocation: The creation of scenic clothing.

I studied one year of Fashion at the Gild of Tailors and Dressmakers of Valencia.

I moved to Granada to study Scenic Clothing  within the programme FIRCTE at the E.P.G.P.C. “Escénica Granada” school.

To enhance my education, the following year I moved to Malaga to study Characterization in “Escénica Málaga” within the programme FIRCTE.

I got the Mobility grant “Leonardo” to work as a Bodypainter for the Dance company Art Color Ballet, in Krakov (Poland). I gained assurance in the performance of bodypainting in limited time, I dealt with the artists in the backstage and I toured with a company for the first time.

I worked in the tailoring of the Cánovas Theatre  in Málaga, where I learned a lot about “flamenco” clothing and the way of working in dance and theatre shows.

I have worked with the Cirque du Soleil in the shows Saltimbanco, Quidam, Varekay, Corteo, ZarkanaAlegría, Kooza y Scalada, covering all tailoring competences such as show dressing, artists’s hairdressing, shoes’ fixing, washing, ironing and maintenance of scenic clothing, hats, masks, etc.

I won the 1er price in the contest of bodypainting in the Brusels International Fantastic Film Festival BIFFF 2010 with the bodypaint “Oh, oh, oh, my sketch is scaping me!”

I also enjoyed the Scholarship “Leonardo Da Vinci” to participate in the making of the show “Good Save The Queen” with the company Invisible Circus and the Valencian Circus Association, in Bristol.

I have worked in different events and in the dance club The Zoo Project, creating and upkeeping the clothing of the dancers and performers for The Minx FX in Ibiza.

I have created the scenic clothing and the characterization for circus companies such as La Bella Tour, Insomnia, La risa floja, La Finestra Nou Circ, La Mujer Voladora, LIFT, and others.

I have collaborated in fashion photoshootings performing the styling and the makeup.

I have worked in the show “La Ola” in the Theatre Valle Inclán (National Dramatic Center).

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