Clothing upkeep

With the passage of time and the repeated wear, scenic clothing may need some adjustments, retouches, special care, resewing, transformations, etc., in order to prolong its service life.

Mantenimiento de vestuario escénico

For instance, gaining or loosing weith may affect your corporal volume and, therefore, the size of your costume, which will not suit you anymore. But there is no problem. I will study your costume, I will measure your body and I will make the right adjustments for your cloths to adapt to your figure again and make you feel comfortable in it.

Materials may also suffer by use and get worn out or broken, lose parts, hold non working fasteners, zips or claps, hats with ribbons which need a change,… I will take charge of the sewing, adding or replacements for all the parts you will need.

And in case that what you want is an adaptation to get a new style, just tell me your idea, I will propose you some options and I will give a new image to your costume.

Shoes get also worn out by the continuous use and may need a style change, as well. I make reconstructions of the damaged zones, such as soles and toes. If they lack shine or colour I can make a paint treatment, or a change of style if needed.

Wigs may require aditional care to keep them in perfect conditions. You give me your wig and I set it up. Or, if you are thinking about giving it a style change, let me know and I will analyze it, give you some options and we will give it a new appearance (a fresh air/ a new breath).

I implement different techniques of dressmaking, stamping (warm printing/ printmaking), dyeing, cleaning and ironing according to your clothing needs.

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