Image design

Image design is the first step before the scenic clothing confection (circus, stage, dance…), advertising makeup or body-painting.

Diseño de imagen

The aim is to achieve a satisfactory result and give you the right solution to your needs. To make it possible, it is crucial to clearly define the idea before starting the cutting, sewing and painting, …

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is to talk. You should explain to me what you need, in detail (what do you want it for, for which kind of show, your technical requirements – e. g. practicable pockets, reinforcement in friction zones, looseness for more comfortable movements – , scenic ambience – period, place, style, colour range… – ).

If you already have a clear idea of what you want, just describe it to me. If you do not, there is no problem. We will come up with an idea that will suit your needs.

All your explanations will be of use for me to define the project. Together, we will decide which would be the most suitable colours, the look and finish that you want to achieve, and other features. For instance, if the project is related to a scenic show, we will specify the types of materials to use (gauze, lycra, wool, silk, plastic, cotton, leather, canvas, neoprene…).

Based on this information and with an accurate documentation work, I will produce some sketches upon which we will perform the necessary retouching and polishing until they will look like you expect them to do.

Diseño de imagen

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