Scenic clothing creation


I produce the pattern design, the cut, the clothing (confection) and all necessary adjustments to create the scenic clothing that you need, for any show (Circus, stage, dance, eventsphotoshooting and filming, …)

I have my own studio with all the required machines to perform a professional finish to your cloths (sewing machine, industrial and domestic serger, coater, spiker…) as well as the knowledge to work with different materials (gauze, lycra, wool, silk, plastic, cotton, leather, canvas, neoprene or whichever other material you will think of).  

From the sketch of the costumes and your measures, I create the pattern, and following the specifications of the colour and material I cut and make each of the items that compose your costumes set. Then, I add the details and ornaments which your costumes require to get the desired final look. For instance, I implement texturing and/or partial degradation to the clothes to give them a worn look.

The testing of the costumes allows me to detect if there is any unwanted assymetry and to verify if the cut and volume are correct.

My aim is to provide the costumes set of your needs and attein a completely satisfactory result.

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