Characterization, Make-up and Bodypainting

Characterization and scenic hairdressing are as important as the clothing. What would it be of Freddy Krueger, from “Nightmare on Elm Street”, if he would have had just the clothing without the characterization which says so much about the figure? Or an opera inspired on the 17th century without the wigs?

Tell me the story of your character and I will create the characterization that you need, with scenic make-up, facial prothesis, special effects with latex, wax or silicone sconces…

Regarding the hairdressing, I can help you with the cut, an upsweep, plaiting, colouring, wigs , wiglets and extensions upkeep, and the creation of facial postiche.

I also do bodypainting for shows, animations, events, photoshooting or anything you like.


Fotografía “Body Painting Kill Bill” realizada por Susana Martínez para su libro “Rosebud”

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